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About Us

General Information about Destination Donation

Mission and History
In 2011 Alan Petelinsek, a business owner, met a man whose son had passed away and had donated his organs to the benefit of many people. Al was training for a triathlon and was so moved by this generous act that he dedicated his training to benefit organ donation.  At the same time, Rob Verhelst, a fireman, EMT and Organ Donation volunteer, was training for the Madison Ironman with a challenging twist. He would complete the marathon run in 100 pounds of firefighter gear. The two athletes met and created Destination Donation to raise awareness for the ongoing need for individuals to donate their organs, tissue and eyes upon their passing.

Why Should I Join?
There is an ongoing need for organs, tissue and eyes to be donated to people in need. The need is huge; the number of available organs is small. Over 112,000 people nationwide are waiting for organ transplants and over 19 of those people will die today waiting for a transplant that never happens because of the shortage of donated organs. You may know of family or friends who are on a waiting list. Or you may know of someone who has already benefited. That person could be you now or at some point in the future. You do not need to raise money, just be a visible ambassador for the donation program while participating in the sports you enjoy.

How Do I Help?
First and foremost, please register to be an organ, tissue and eye donor. To do so in Wisconsin, please go to: For residents of other states, please visit to register in your own state.
In addition, you can purchase clothing and merchandise that identifies you as part of the Destination Donation team. People will see the well-known orange dot and be reminded of the need for organ donation. As an ambassador for the donation program, you should be able to speak to the basic need for donors, who benefits and how to sign up to be a donor.

What Does It Cost?
Nothing. You can join the team for free and learn about promoting donation. We encourage you to purchase Destination Donation clothing and merchandise to use while participating in endurance sports. The products are very high quality and priced to just cover their cost.

How Do I Become a Good Ambassador for the Organ Donation program?
Please see the tab titled Donation Ambassador Info. Click here.

Can I Donate Money to Support Donation?
Yes, you certainly can but we suggest you donate directly to the Wisconsin Organ Donor program. They have the need for better funding and they are also set up as an organization that will allow you to make tax-free donations. Please go to either DonationWest Wisconsin or DonationEast Wisconsin. On the DonateEast page please select Organ and Tissue Donation Program in the Designation pull down menu.